Dear parents

Welcome to our childcare website. Here we´ll introduce ourselves and give you insights into our work, which we love so much ……

This section is an English summary of our website.

We take care of a mixed group of small children in our home, where they can play, run, sing, laugh and just be children.

If you´re looking for a second home for your munchkins, where they´ll experience a loving and positive care, you´ll find it here!

Sarah is from Miami, Florida and as a native English speaker she talks to the children in both English and German.

After she graduated from Johnson&Wales College of Culinary Arts she got married and moved to Konstanz in 2011, where she achieved a B2 degree in German in her first year here. From 2012 to 2014 she attended the official nanny course in Konstanz. Since that year she takes care of a small group of children in her home.

For further information about our work or financial support by the state, just contact us by using the contact form. We´re looking forward to your message!